Friday, 2 January 2009


As promised, I baked without quitting halfway.

Ta-da! Choco Chip Chookies... I meant cookies.

As I was preparing the batter...
Cookie dough ice cream. Mmmmmm.... tempting. However I have read somewhere that cookie dough isn't exactly the most hygienic. "Raw eggs can make you sicker than a dog," apparently.

My picture was an epic failure so nope, I'm not facing that loser picture. Delete! The cookies came out looking undercooked, but that means they should come out perfect - unless I want rock-hard chocochip UFOs. I think the toothpick method work wonderfully on cakes, but it may malfunction on chewy cookies.

Letting the cookies cool and settle.
Very important - as I've learned the hard way. Oh the many times I've cried over a mutilated cookie due to my overzealous attempt to rip it from the pan when it was still a newborn.
Removing the cookies from the pan...
Made loads easier if I had invested in parchment paper.

Serve with milk!

....And I had to remind myself not to finish the entire batch in one go because a) it's selfish, b) it's fattening, and c) it'll make me sick. To hell with the first and second, better listen to the third. Because it happened before. Not cool.


  1. ok so i'm commenting your post again :)
    sylvia wants lemon bars and she doesn't mind to finish the entire batch because cookies won't make her SICK!

  2. Hahaha Sylvia you're awesome! I haven't baked for a while and I'm getting rusty. Can't bake in college! I will teach you when, uh, we're both in Beijing and have time to meet up.