Thursday, 1 January 2009

Symbolically Appropriate... 24 hours ago

Happy 2009!
...Except I'm over 24 hours late. I decided that it was appropriate to start my blog yesterday, BUT my wireless internet decided to have its own celebration - a hiatus in internet service for me.

Here is my unpublished virgin blog from yesterday -

Happy 2009!

New Year ’s Day. Symbolically appropriate for starting my blog. I would love to detail all the *AMAZING* things I did today … except I really DIDN’T do anything spectacularly fun. In reality, lazing around today suited my palate quite well. I’m finally home for the holidays and I’ve finally had a chance to take a breath and relax. Not feeling rushed and no ardent need to accomplish anything today, so I can afford to flip through the channels on TV and watch Shrek 3 and an episode of Friends; read a children’s book and not feel OVERLY guilty (or stupid), play Bach’s Prelude in A flat Major and not continue on to Fugue simply because I felt like watching an episode on my laptop.

Hmm. Sounds like today was just an excuse for me to be flippant about everything. For me to act on impulse. For me to start a task and abandon it. Grain of guilt gnawing at me. But! I have started this blog which I have planned to write since…. Let’s stop me from embarrassing myself.

How long do New Year’s Resolutions last? Maybe this year, I’ll finally stick to my resolutions. That is, if I had bothered to make a list this morning. I have quite a number of goals ingrained in my brain right now but… well, honestly I haven’t put them on paper or specified the steps needed to achieve them. I’ll do that after I bake my deliciously 2009 chocolate chip cookies. (How is 2009 an adjective? I do not know. I should be flogged.) Don’t worry – I won’t start this project and give up! Baking is a passion - desserts are not to be joked about. “Nine” in Chinese has the same pronunciation as “longevity.” With some luck and much determination, my Resolutions (yes, with a capital “R”) will last. Will a bit more luck be allotted to me because I’m Chinese?

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  1. one of sylvia's new year's resolutions is to make naomi happy throughout the year!!!