Monday, 23 February 2009

Academically me, part I

So far, I've refrained from commenting on life @ UST as a student studying global business. I've decided that it's not fair since well, I've only experienced less than a month of GBUS-specific courses. In the first semester, the core courses for GBUS (shorthand for global business) are the same as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students. Oh! Core courses are different from required courses, I came to realize. Core courses cannot be flunked, deferred, or dropped. Required courses can be deferred. Unfortunately, all my classes this semester are core classes and I have seven. No flexibility in choosing courses for now!

So, what's so special about this semester? *drumrollllll....* BMGB 101! The course that makes GBUS special. Okay, not really, but it's the GBUS course. Our textbook consists of business cases that focus on (gasp!) globalization of companies. We analyzed a Zara case last week. Did you know it's Spanish? That it rarely outsources? That its main value is speed? That shops are updated almost twice every week?

....I just broadcasted my nerdiness, didn't I.

Anyways. Some students have said that BMGB is basically an extension of Labu (language for business, which also is a case study class). Besides the fact that they both analyze cases, I'd say the similarities end there. In Labu, you get quite a bit of guidance. The issues in the cases are incredibly clear and the worksheets/packets tell you what you need to know. However, in BMGB, the potential pitfalls are much harder to spot. My groupmates and I are analyzing a L'Oreal case and... well, we spent an hour discussing, groping for problems the company has, and failed. (Digression: Shu Uemura is L'Oreal's. Seriously.)

No doubt, I'm a complete newb at this analyzing thing. I'm probably as competent as an elephant trying to belly dance. My only consolation is that after this semester of case after case after another cursin' case, I'll improve. With a sprinkle of a miracle, maybe I'll even be able to crack out incisive comments.

Almost 8pm! Time for a swim. I think Part II will consist of a rant about cases.


  1. hahaah i know zara is spanished and not outsourced! and did you know H&M is a Swedish brand and most of its products are made in China! XD i'm so random! -Sylvia

  2. Yeah, we actually covered H&M a bit in the case. I must admit, I did not know that Zara was Spanish. Yes - I am an insular imbecile!